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Equitrekking's own URL shortener

What is it?

EQKK.us is Equitrekking's URL shortener, used by Equitrekking host Darley Newman in her Twitter feed and around the web.

What's the meaning behind "EQKK"?

EQKK is Equitrekking's NOLA code. NOLA is an acronym for Network Operations Logging Application. Each PBS program is assigned a NOLA code which supports the distribution of schedule information, and will likely be replaced by newer methods. For our purposes, it's a convenient, unique and short URL, helpful when one hundred forty characters actually matters. When it matters naught, it's an easy way to link.

May I get in on the fun?

Certainly. We'll make this URL shortening service available for public use shortly. Sign up for the newsletter and be notified when it goes live.

What is Equitrekking?

It's a broadcast television series which airs on PBS in the United States and upwards of thirty nations around the world. Equitrekking takes viewers on horseback riding adventures around the world. Equitrekking is not a horse show, but rather a travel series which explores the world in an exciting way. Equitrekking has won an Emmy Award, in addition to numerous other awards and accolades. It's also a website, a travel company and a book

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